Edible Ikebana

Aviva Rowley Wet Vessels Mess Hall Edible Ikebana

ABOVE: a small edible arrangement using New York State grown beets and watermelon radish, hydroponic baby chard, pickled sweet peppers, New York State mozzarella from Murray's Cheese and a mini baguette from Bien CuitRIGHT AND BELOW: An arrangement for a Mother’s Day event at Sleepy Jones using fennel, veggie straws, wheatgrass, Pocky, dried pineapple, kiwi and mango, wasabi peas and meringue.


Ikebana is having a moment, but the simplistic form of floral arrangement has been popular since 7th century Japan. Once an offering at alters, the core of the art is to respect each flower or plant chosen for its inimitable quality, character and purpose. Mess Hall's edible ikebana follow the same philosophy. Each element of our arrangements are carefully chosen at local farmers markets and specialty food shops. We’ve partnered with our dear friend Aviva Rowley of Wet Vessels who’s created a one-of-a-kind dish for each arrangement, allowing the eater to enjoy their arrangement long after it’s been devoured.

Aviva Rowley Wet Vessels Mess Hall Edible Ikebana Still Life

ABOVE: Aviva hand-mixes her own pink glaze making each dish unique. To the right are three sizes of the CASTLE dish which provided a base for our edible arrangements. 


Photos and styling by Aviva Rowley and Tate Obayashi and special thanks to Erin Goldberger of New Release Gallery, Sleepy Jones and Selima for hosting us.